Viewing DNS resolution, by record



Is there a way that I can get a view of my DNS record lookups broken down by record? For example, I’d like to see if a couple old MX / TXT records are still in use.


You either need to know the records and dig them or login to your dashboard.


@MarkMeyer I don’t think I was clear. I can see a list of my existing records in the dashboard. I’ve used nslookup and dig (to a lesser degree) for years and I’m familiar with them.

Can I get a report of the number of lookups being done for each record? I’d like to clean up anything no longer needed.


Not that I am aware of. The dashboard only shows a total number of requests.
I am not even sure if there is an extended reporting for this on business or enterprise plans.

@cscharff may be able to answer this question.



If you are familiar with REST this could help.

Or maybe not. I am not an API hero.
I also cannot see any restrictions to specfic plans.


There is some extended reporting on the ENT plan, but the API is the betterer way to get the data.

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