Viewed time is not increase

Hi. I have a problem to use stream.
I uploaded some videos, and use stream with signed URLs.

A few time I viewed the videos in secret browser, but both of impression and viewed time are not increase.

How do I get correct value of video analytics?

I tried:

  • Use management console(website)
  • Use analytics API
  • Use bulk analytics API(GraphQL)

Videos viewed with player maked by video.js(GitHub - videojs/video.js: Video.js - open source HTML5 & Flash video player)

Thank you.

View analytics is collected only when the Stream player is used. If you use a third party player, view metrics will not appear as part of these metrics. We have plans to support third party player analytics and will keep the community posted.

We’ve updated the analytics docs to make this clearer. Thanks for the feedback.


Thank you for your answer. I understood.

I hope that analytics support third party player.
Thank you.