View web traffic by subdomain?


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Is there a possibility to view which of the configured subdomains are responsible for the traffic shown on the front of the Analytics tab in the Web Traffic area? Ie. can I see Requests/Bandwith/Threats by subdomain?

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Not currently. It is something the data team is exploring.



Thank you for the info @cscharff, really waiting for this feature :slight_smile:



Any new development on this feature? When multiple services are available under the same domain (different subdomain) it would be great to be able to monitor each service independently

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I would love to have this feature <3

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Hi CF Team, may you have any update on this topic? (Have the data team come up with a decision to implement this in the future?)

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Would love to have this feature. We have different environments and applications separated by sub-domains and separating stats from one another is important for us.



Hi @cscharff,

Do you have any updates on this topic. This feature will really help a lot of people who are using many services under same domain dividing services by subdomains.

If there is another work around on this topic, please let us know about this.

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You can do this now if you setup Logflare (not affiliated with Cloudflare).

Once you’re all setup you can create a Google Data Studio report to replicate any graph you see in the Cloudlfare admin. And then you can add a filter by and that should list all your subdomains and let you filter all the charts on that dashboard by subdomain.

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