View web traffic by subdomain?

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Is there a possibility to view which of the configured subdomains are responsible for the traffic shown on the front of the Analytics tab in the Web Traffic area? Ie. can I see Requests/Bandwith/Threats by subdomain?

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Not currently. It is something the data team is exploring.


Thank you for the info @cscharff, really waiting for this feature :slight_smile:

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Any new development on this feature? When multiple services are available under the same domain (different subdomain) it would be great to be able to monitor each service independently

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I would love to have this feature <3


Hi CF Team, may you have any update on this topic? (Have the data team come up with a decision to implement this in the future?)

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Would love to have this feature. We have different environments and applications separated by sub-domains and separating stats from one another is important for us.


Hi @cscharff,

Do you have any updates on this topic. This feature will really help a lot of people who are using many services under same domain dividing services by subdomains.

If there is another work around on this topic, please let us know about this.

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You can do this now if you setup Logflare (not affiliated with Cloudflare).

Once you’re all setup you can create a Google Data Studio report to replicate any graph you see in the Cloudlfare admin. And then you can add a filter by and that should list all your subdomains and let you filter all the charts on that dashboard by subdomain.


Hi @chasers!

Thank you, your tool seems to be a perfect alternative.
A few comments:

  • Is there a way to share/publish your data studio “Logflare Dashboard” report?
  • Are you planning to introduce some tagging/releases in the LogFlare CF App repo, so someone can know what does the 0.2.2 means in terms of code?
  • You say on the homepage, that we can bring our own BigQuery table. Can we already configure it on, or it will be a future feature?

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Yes in Data Studio you can share a report with these:

Yeah that is not a bad idea. I do include release notes when submitting the app to the Cloudflare App store, which should be visible to you when you go to the Your Installed Apps view in Cloudflare. If there is an upgrade available it will tell you that along with the release notes associated with that upgrade.

Correct, this feature is not done yet but should be soon. Can you shoot me at email at [email protected]? We can connect a bit more on that if you’re interested.

Thanks for playing with it!

Thank you, will contact you in e-mail!

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FYI you can now save all your logs ever, by setting up your own BigQuery table. We’ll insert your logs there so you can keep data for longer than 7 days.

Instruction on how to do that are here:

And steps to get Data Studio up and going with Logflare are here (this works without your own table but we only keep data for 7 days):

cc @matteo


Need this feature into Cloudflare :frowning: