View visitor's IP address instead of Cloudflare IP address on traffic


I’ve run into an issue where my on-site brute force protection appears to be blocking Cloudflare traffic. Essentially, I have the security set to automatically block IP addresses that attempt a brute force attack on the login page; however, because I have the site on Cloudflare’s CDN this means it’s blocking some of Cloudflare’s IP addresses. Is there a way I can use page rules to either bypass the CDN or otherwise let my site view the visitor’s true IP address on certain URLs?

For example, can I use a page rule to see the visitor’s IP address on instead of the IP address coming from Cloudflare?

I found this topic: Bypass Cloudflare for part of a URL that states you can’t bypass the CDN for specific URL strings, but I’m hoping there’s another way to accomplish what I need using page rules. I’ve tried setting page rules to bypass caching, disable security, disable performance, disable all apps, etc. for the desired URL string, but when I check my visitor logs it’s still coming through with the Cloudflare IP addresses.

Any help would be very appreciated - thank you!

Best solution is to use the header CF-Connecting-Ip or the nginx variable $http_cf_connecting_ip for getting the visitor’s IP address. You can also use one of the below solutions to restore the original IP in your access logs likely without needed to change code or configuration:

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