View already created Cloudflare API Tokens API

It would be helpful to view the already created API Tokens whenever we want. Sometimes we use the same API Tokens for the same service provider in different situations.

For instance, the Ezoic advertising network allows the publisher to connect the domains to their advertising service using Cloudflare. We can connect our domains to the Ezoic ads network via Cloudflare DNS integration (Adding domains to the Ezoic publisher network).

We have to generate separate new API tokens every time we add new domains to the Ezoic publisher network. So it is useless to create multiple Cloudflare API tokens for the same service provider.

It will be more convenient if Cloudflare allows us to view the already created API token key. Just like view Globale API key and Origin API key.

Since reusing an API key across multiple domains will result in the need to rekey all domains in the event you need to revoke access to only one domain, I would prefer to have a unique key for each integration.

If you really want to reuse keys, you could store the API key in a secure password manager at the time of creation and reference that copy.

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