Videos not playing on mobile devices


When we get DDO’S, our videos fail’s to play on mobile devices? how to I get around this?

Thanks in advance.

What is your hosting topology? Which errors do you get?

Error loading media file, is the error

its hosted in Denmark

Topology, not location :slight_smile: Is it one server, one domain or distributed? What is the error on the network level when it fails, not only in the UI?

Can you share the URL?

I don’t have access to server files at all, just a hosting, its domain distributed I’m guessing so its not like dedicated.

here’s the url, works on PC but not on mobile devices when Cloud is on :confused:

Well, it all seems to be on the same host. It does seem to play without problem on a mobile platform. Without a way to reproduce the error it is a bit difficult to provide any further advice though.

Shared hosting? Resource Limit Is Reached. The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

Serving video is resource intensive. I’ve had trouble serving video from a Cloudflare managed domain on mobile devices. To solve that problem i set up another domain with standard name-servers and shared my videos from that. Problem solved.

Might want to consider an inexpensive vps server. is who i use. All instances are self managed but affordable.

thats because i have disabled the cloud flare, try now and see if works… it don’t, I doubt this is hosting related since it works perfectly when cloud is not on

Anyone can help? please?

The video loads just fine on the desktop as well as on a mobile platform.

No it doesn’t, many users are complaining and yet I can’t even load it my self on iphone etc.

Try another video, probably cached

Bump? anyone? :frowning:

I’m not able to get that video to load using Firefox on iOS 11. I’m getting the same error as your screenshot.

Unfortunately, Mobile Firefox isn’t so great for troubleshooting.

There sure a lot of search results for the same issue. Have you looked into some of them?

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