Videos in pendingupload state not expiring, might be counting as billable minutes

Videos in the pendingupload state are appearing on the dashboard and in API results even after they’re expired according to the uploadExpiry setting.

I found the following other topics discussing this same problem:

As @zaid commented in some of that other topics, this is a known bug and is planned to be solved:

Yes, the URL does expire but isn’t reflected in the Dashboard. We plan to address this in the near-future.

However, since I am concerned about whether those dangling videos are counting towards billed usage, I found out that, in our Cloudflare stream account, the amount of minutes in videos we’re storing is actually lower than the minutes usage reported by the /stream/storage-usage API endpoint. This makes me think videos in pendingupload are actually not being completely expired and might be being counted as billable minutes, just like they are when they’re in pendingupload but not expired state.

In our example, we’ve manually counted 699 seconds (11 minutes 39 seconds) of stored videos, but the /stream/storage API endpoint is reporting 11 minutes 46 seconds, meaning there’s a 7 second difference.

Given the bug with expired videos apparently not being completely expired, there is a chance this 7 seconds difference is caused by those dangling videos.

Note that, while this difference is quite small (we’ve just recently implemented Cloudflare stream), it will become increasingly significant as the number of videos in pendingupload state grow.

Thank you.