Videos have stopped working

Since yesterday the videos uploaded in the stream product section cannot be viewed.
The video information is displayed (duration, name, views, …), but the video are not displayed when accessing through the link of type:***

Uploading a new video causes the same problem.
Same problem when doing a live stream. shows “All system operational” message.

Aanyone know if there is a service problem?

I have verified that from other countris (USA) the videos are being viewed.
Maybe a problem with CDNs for Spain?

Can you drop me an email at zaid at Cloudflare so I can investigate?

I have send you and email with more info, thanks

Hey, Zaid and Luis, have you been able to solve this issue? I’m in Spain and I’m having the same issue…

See the attached image:

Can you drop me an email to zaid at so I can follow up? Thanks!