Videos get stuck at processing 72%

Hi, recently many of our video uploads have gotten stuck for hours at “processing: 72%”.

Is this a known problem, and what can we do to amend it?

And once they leave processing 72% after many hours, they enter into an error state, with no understandable error message.

It may be related to videos without an audio track. Videos with an audio-track does go through as expected. Though it may also be encoding or container.

May I ask if you’re using Cloudfalre Stream to upload them, or rather you’re trying to upload your videos to your Website via HTTP(S) and proxied :orange: DNS records, and got this error? :thinking:

Videos are being uploaded to Cloudflare stream via user uploads.

This is one of the videos soon to fail:

This is another one which just failed, after sitting at processing: 72% for 20 mins or so:

Both of them came in from firefox.

Another video just uploaded nicely from an iPhone.

How are those uploads handled? Are those uploads chunked? If not, did you make sure that the size isn’t above the limit of your plan?

If the upload is sent in chunks, did you notice any challenges on your firewall logs? What does dev console show?

The uploads go through TUS, and are chunked. Size is definitely within limit. < 2MB, so in this case it’s only one chunk.

Obviously the video gets uploaded as thumbnails work and it can be streamed for a while. But the processing never completely finishes instead waiting at processing: 72% for a while, 20 mins - hours, and then it seems always errors out eventually.