Videos are not playing properly on Ipad. The videos are stuck at time "-1:-1"

Cloudflare stream videos that I uploaded stopped working on Ipad since a few days ago.
I have tested the video on a Windows, a Mac, and an Android device. They all worked properly with the exception of the Ipad. The video is stuck at the loading stage no matter which browser I have used.

From the screenshot below, it can be seen that the video timestamp is stuck at “-1:-1”.

I have created the sandbox below to replicate the issue:

In the sandbox example, only the above video was uploaded to my account and was not working on any Ipad. The Cloudflare uploaded the video below works across all devices.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue or know the solution to this issue?

Thanks in advance,

We’re actively investigating this and will keep you posted.

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@user59913 — this has since been resolved, thanks for reporting! Please let us know if you see any further issues.

Thank you @irvinebroque for the notification. Do you know what was the reason that caused this issue? Is this issue going to pop up again in the future?

Very specific intersection of issues between latest Safari release and the Stream Player, that have since been fixed. Shouldn’t happen again.

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