Videos are gone from CF Stream Service

Hi all-

I recently noticed that my CF Stream videos were showing as “Video Not Found” on my website. When I went to the CF dashboard and navigated to Stream, all the videos were gone as well.

I have a feeling this is because my billing information has changed and I didn’t update it. When I did update it the videos were still gone.

Is there any way to get my videos back? Is there any hopes that when this happens in the future they could be just disabled instead of completely removed?

Thanks, hope to hear from someone.

@zaid or @renan might know how this works. And maybe @laurie knows what happens to content during a billing issue.

Hi @theshootingguy1,

I would recommend that you go ahead and create a ticket to our team through your dashboard so that they can discuss the details of your account, as we cannot share your confidential account details here in the public forum.

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In the abstract, if the 5 day grace period expires does the content get permanently deleted?


Hi @michael,
I am double-checking this and will update shortly.


When your subscription lapses, Stream will email you daily for 31 days (previously, this used to be 7 days) reminding you to add a subscription. During this time, videos will continue to play but you won’t be able to upload or manage them. After 31 days, the videos are deleted from your account.

Please open a ticket if you’d like us to look into your account and if there is anything we can do to recover your videos.


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