Hey all.

I’ve noticed the any site using in Spain is not showing videos

I was in Ireland over the weekend and Vodafone in Ireland seem to be blocking it too

Any ideas as to why and is there a solution

If you’re in Spain you will see the following message (most of the time)
The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.

Anyone experiencing this?
You can see this on this site

Interested in knowing

Looks like this might be answered here. I have yet to try the fix myself though. Videos Stream don't play from Spain and yes by a VPN

This is something that’s been reported in the past both on here and on the CF Developers Discord, and seems to involve a popular Spanish ISP using a security service (Allot in the case I looked into) that chose to block

Other ISPs may also be using this service and thus experiencing the same issue.

From what I heard I believe Cloudflare are at least somewhat aware of this issue, but it would be kind of uncertain whether they can do anything about it.

Thanks Erisa,

they send this solution and works by now:

We are aware of intermittent issues with local ISPs in Turkey and Spain with the – videodeliverydotnet – ) domain. We are investigating these reports.

In the meantime, we have a backup domain that we recommend using. If you replace
– videodeliverydotnet – with – cloudflarestreamdotcom – in the embed code/manifest (if you are using your own player), it should resolve the issue with video playback.

Yes, I confirm is blocked in Spain. Not sure why? - is working.

It is also blocked by court order here in Turkey. Apparently someone used Stream to illegally share licensed football matches:

Again with the same problems. (fromSpain)
If I use a VPN yes we can watch.
This is not serious.