Video thumbnails should be in jpg instead of png format



Any chance the automated video thumbnails could be changed from the huge png files to jpg?

The png files are roughly 1mb. This is very large even for one video, and can really hurt the load time performance when multiple videos are loaded.

On a quick test I was able to convert the thumbnail on the Stream demo page to jpg with a 90% reduction in file size.


I would agree with this suggestion.

We are in the process of migrating from another video streaming service to Cloudflare’s service.

Cloudflare’s embed code makes fewer requests and appears to be increasing page load speeds.

However, Cloudflare’s embed code does add to the overall size of the web page…

The embed code appears to be 25-30kb larger, which is not that bad… It’s the thumbnail images that are really killing it.

The service provider we are switching from was using .jpg images for video thumbnails. A test video I uploaded had a thumbnail image size of 74.5kb. Cloudflare is using a .png image file, which the same thumbnail image is 507kb.


Yeah, we replaced a few videos from provider A to Cloudflare on one page and the page size increased 2.1MB because the thumbnail images are in PNG format, whereas JPG would be a lot smaller.