Video Streaming with Backblaze B2 + Cloudflare

Video Streaming with Backblaze B2 + Cloudflare

Hello, I have been using Backblaze b2 + Cloudflare partnership for about 2 months, 2 TB data flow per day and I do not cache.

I don’t want to be violated by Cloudflare. I can switch to a paid subscription for this, but I couldn’t contact Cloudflare for this. I don’t want to store my files on Cloudflare streaming I researched Cloudflare video delivery service, should I switch to it or should I switch to my pro subscription please I’m waiting for an answer from Cloudflare authorities Regards :slight_smile:

However, now I get really confused, because of the people over at Cloudflare saying differently, as well as people saying they have gotten their sites taken down by Cloudflare, for doing this exact thing. 8 months ago, people from the Cloudflare team said that this usage case was not allowedas it would break their ToS’s Section 2.8, which states that: Section 2.8 of Cloudflare’s Self-Serve Terms of Service (TOS) prohibits users from serving a disproportionate amount of non-html content, such as images and video, without a paid plan that includes those services. Restrictions set forth in Section 2.8 of the TOS do not apply to content served from grey-clouded (non-proxied) sub-domains.

Yeah, that doesn’t mean a thing… it’s the act of passing the data through that makes you violate the ToS.

Either remove the proxy, get an Enterprise subscription from sales or use Stream.

Any other option won’t work. Nor any of the self-serve plans (Pro, Business).

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