Video Streaming Speed for Mobile App

Dear Community,

we are in the last stage of developing a native mobile app for android and ios.
I have uploaded to “Stream” about 300 videos which are ± 30 seconds long each.
We have introduced the links to our database and they are working, but we are experiencing that often the videos are taking about 5-7 seconds to load and play.
Sometimes they “freeze” or don´t load at all.
I am concerned that when there will be many users the videos will take too long to play. The database is hosted in bluehost.

-Do you have any experience on how to increase the loading and streaming speed of videos for native mobile apps?

-Do you know what a solution for this could be and do you have any recommendations for best practices?

-Would changing to a Pro-Plan improve the performance? Does it have any effect?

Your feedback and help would be very appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance

Any update on this thread? We have the same issue…

Can you describe the issue you are running into? Any details (or screenshot/screen recordings) would be appreciated.