Video streaming settings help to setup with wordpress


I am having trouble setting up cloudflare video streaming with word press. I am using the wordpress plugin Cloudflare Stream for WordPress. Below is the plugin link which I installed on wordpress.

Now when trying to add settings on the plugin, I get message saying Cloudflare Stream API keys are incorrect. Can anyone help me out about this where to find proper api key, email and account id?

I haven’t yet purchased the stream, as once connected i planned to purchase it. So is it required to purchase stream plans before to get the api key, email and account id?

Can you help me out asap?

It wouldn’t surprise me if they won’t validate since the plugin developer is testing it by making an API call to Stream. You’d have to ask the developer how they verify the API key.

The plugin is maintained by us. I’ll run some tests and update this thread with my findings.


I also have the same problem.
After entering the Account ID, email, and API Key created through “create token” I get the notification “Cloudflare Stream API keys are incorrect.”

what should I do?

The API Key is not the same as an API Token. If I’m not mistaken, they interact with the API in different ways.

For example, API Key uses the X-Auth-Key header, whereas an API Token uses the Authorization: Bearer header.

In short, I believe the Cloudflare Stream WordPress plugin only (currently) supports the API Key method.

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