Video Streaming Service

I have a few questions about the streaming service offered.

I see it is $1 per every thousand minutes streamed. How does this work with partial stream viewing, like where they only streamed a few seconds or something along those lines? Also, what if the video is 30 seconds… does it count one play as 1 minute? How is this incremented and tallied?

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Seems not that complicated:

But ia am not sute if 30 Seconds will be rounded to a minute. The example shows that 1,999 minutes will be rounded up to 2000.

After uploading a couple of videos and trying it out, these questions have been answered.


Cool :slight_smile:
Would you mind sharing them?

Well the initial test video I uploaded shows these stats:

53 secs watched

Which confirms they are tracking per second.

They might round up to the closest minute at the end of the month for billing, which is fine… as long as they were not rounding up for each video play.

I guess the product information page did not make it clear enough (for me), but yeah, I have my answer.

Thanks again.

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