Video stream speed - and video loop information


we use a website with full screen video cover, plus some other video products related.
The idea is to subscribe to stream service offerd by Cloudflare, but I have two question:

Speed: using the Cloudflare service, my video will be delivered more fast respect Vimeo/Youtube/File mp4 on server?

Now we use a compressed 400k 30s video, hosted on our shared ssd server, I want to update to a 8mb 30s res. 1280x720 video.

Loop: because Cloudflare service will be payed every minutes, what happens with the loop? I pay only first 30s, because after the browser use the cache, correct?


In general it’s faster than something like streaming a MP4 file from a single server since your video is coming straight via the Cloudflare service.

It’s probably faster than Vimeo because CF had more datacenters, but Vimeo can host even 8k content so that would depend on your use case.

It’s probably on-par with YouTube (or maybe a bit slower than YT), but YT has a downside of requiring you use their embedded player and it will link your users off of your site. To contrast, you can customize the Cloudflare video player and It doesn’t link off your site at all.

I believe you’re correct.

Many thanks for information!

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