Video Stream is not running

I use Cloudflare stream to show 360 degree products.

I have noticed today that across all sites the videos are no longer loading, and I’m just getting a placeholder with a question mark.

The issue can be seen on this page as an example

The static images are loading in from my server ok, however the last two place holders should be loading in from Cloudflare Stream.

Any ideas why they have suddenly stopped working?

Edit: I have noticed that the page also hangs waiting for the videos, and the place holders do not always load unless you refresh the page. The two placeholders should be shown after the ring box thumbnail.

Uploading: IMG_4901.jpeg…

When I visit the link you shared, the last 2 thumbnails do appear. When I click on each, I can see the rotating product demo. Anything further you can share to help us reproduce the issue?

Hi Zaid,

That’s interesting, and thanks for looking.

They are still missing for us viewing on iPhones.
I am roaming in Turkey so wonder if it is something to do with my location.

I will ask some people in the UK to have a look tomorrow. Hopefully it is due to my location.

I noticed the videos on your site are using domain.

Can you change that to and see if it fixes things?

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Hi Zaid,

I won’t be able to make changes until I’m back in the UK in 2 weeks but will certainly give it a try when back.

I’m reassured by your post that this is an issue for me in Turkey, and not my target audience, but will monitor it.

Many thanks