Video Stream - Black video, audio plays fine


Page is here:

The video player loads fine with a thumbnail.
When I hit play the video is black but the audio plays.

I’m not even sure where to start debugging this?


Does the “Get Link” from the Stream section of the Cloudflare Dashboard work?


Yes the “Get Link” works. It correctly displays the video and audio.


Did you manage to fix it in the meantime?

For me the video plays fine on Firefox.


For production I switched over to linking to the video in a new tab. Since that displays fine.

The broken embedded video is now at https://5bb219a64ed62f33278e0315–


That gives me a “Not found”.


Heh, I think the url got mangled a bit. It looks like a double dash got turned into an emdash

Lets try an actual link:


Thats the same link as before :slight_smile:

But even 5bb219a64ed62f33278e0315-nostalgic-stonebraker-ed7d5d[dot]netlify[dot]com, with the right hyphen, yields the same response.


Well apparently I have no Idea how to use Netlify’s Branch Deploys…

What if I made it into a sub-domain…

[edit]Thanks for sticking with me[/edit]


With that link I can reproduce it (in Firefox and Chrome). I quickly tried to debug it but couldnt find much straight away either I am afraid.

I’d open a support ticket and/or bug @cscharff @cloonan @ryan :slight_smile:


How does one open a support ticket/bug report? I keep getting directed back to the knowledge base and this community forum.


Send an email to support[at].