Video stops playing

I have two videos in my account which were originally livestreamed via rtmp. We are playing back the recorded stream and it stops playing after about a third of the video length for both of them.
We can download the MP4 which plays back the whole video.
I’ve also tried using different browsers but no luck.
Unfortunately, I cannot link them here but would I be able to DM the video urls to someone for some help.

Thank you in advance!

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Will DM you, thanks for sharing

I need assistance too !

I have the same issue. We had three ~9 hours of streams, one each day this week, and now the videos only play back roughly 50-60% of the way and stop. Waiting for the MP4 to generate, hoping that is still intact.

What is the fix here?

Hi all — if you’re experiencing issues with video playback stopping midway for longer recordings of live streams, can you please contact our support team at

Please make sure to include the Video’s UID and the specific timestamp at which the video stops playing. If you have multiple examples, please share.