Video Sreaming

I am writing to bring to your attention a critical issue that our organization has been facing in recent days, impacting the video streaming functionality of our Learning Management System (LMS).

Over the past three days, our video streaming service has experienced significant disruptions, characterized by sluggish performance and interruptions in the playback of content. Upon further investigation, it was observed that Cloudflare R2, the service we rely on for video storage, encountered functionality challenges specifically in the APAC region during this period.

While we refrained from immediate communication, we noted that Cloudflare R2 has recently resolved the issues identified in the APAC region. However, regrettably, the situation has not seen an improvement in the video streaming experience within our LMS. Users are reporting persistent issues, including videos abruptly stopping in the middle of playback.

This ongoing problem has had a substantial impact on our business operations, as we have received numerous complaints from customers who have experienced disruptions in their learning experiences. The severity of the situation has compelled us to refund some clients for their video subscriptions, resulting in financial losses for our organization.

We understand the complexities involved in addressing such technical challenges and appreciate the efforts made thus far. However, we urgently seek your assistance in resolving the lingering video streaming issues affecting our LMS system. The continued degradation of service is not only causing dissatisfaction among our clients but is also adversely impacting our business performance.

We kindly request that you prioritize and expedite the resolution of this matter to minimize any further disruption to our services. Your prompt attention to this issue is crucial, and we would greatly appreciate any updates or insights you can provide regarding the ongoing efforts to rectify the situation.

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Hi @techclinch11,

Could you open a Support ticket and post it on this thread.

Please provide some samples of your trouble.

Thank you.