Video quality on stream

Hi there,
I am creating a VOD app.
I choosed cloudflare stream as a cdn solution.
I have several questions:
For a given video, do I need to upload it into different quality (360p, 720p, 1080p, …), if yes, does cloudflare will give me an url by video quality? Or does cloudflare automatically create multiple quality versions of my video when I upload it that will be accessible by one url.
Given the second behavior, how does cloudflare stream knows which video quality to stream to the user? Can the user force the quality through the cloudflare player?
Sorry for the dumb questions, I am not very familiar with VOD.

Thank you

You only need to upload the original video and Stream will make it available in multiple quality levels.

The Stream Player attempts to calculate the user’s internet connection speed and plays the video at the highest quality level for the user’s network conditions. You can press shift + D on the player to learn more.

The Stream Player let’s users select a specific quality level if they’d like to.


Hey thank you so much :slight_smile:

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