Video quality - buffering times

Our team is developing a marketing site that plays instructional videos using CloudFlare Stream and the CloudFlare Stream Player. We are having an issue with buffering and the quality of the video that is displayed. It appears that the lowest quality version of the video is being played first regardless of the end users internet speed. Because of this the initial video is low quality for the first couple seconds of initial playback.

We would like the highest quality version to play from the beginning, always. Is there a setting that we can configure to make this change? Do we need to upgrade our plan to do this?

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Can you press Shift + D and share the log data that you see? This will help us understand why you are getting a lower quality. It would also help if you can share the video id (feel free to DM if you don’t wish to share publicily)

What was the outcome with this? I am having the same issue with short videos and I have not got a reply yet.

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See this thread:

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