Video plays when I put cf into development mode but fails otherwise

Has anyone else found that a video on their website fails to play all the way through but when putting the cf service into “development” mode it plays flawlessly?

If anybody knows of what I might look at to solve this I’d be interested in hearing it.

I have the firewall turned to “essentially off” and no blocks except for scrape shield is on.

This one for example?

Stopped at about 1:00 and started buffering. But i am mobile and using a public WiFi on a train. After a reload the first minute was cached on my device and i was able to load more.

IIRC your are hosting it at Home, right? You’re referring to AT&T and your bandwitdh on that page btw.

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Yes you are correct to everything you just said…but now I’m interested in knowing how a moving train (or a plane for that matter) IS ABLE to stay online (and I can’t) LOL
p.s. when i check bandwidth on several online sites, everything is hunky-dory.
I watch the transfer using system monitor and it’s like a switch just clicks off or something…suddenly nothing wants to play after a few minutes…going into “development mode” everything plays all the way through (I didn’t actually test all the videos, but the one you make mention of is a short video compared to those I’ve been testing here).

I cannot reproduce this out of the box, I am Sorry

I’ve tested with:
A 64 MB Video Flie, 3:20min, Full HD (H.264 encoded)

50/10Mbit VDSL with a weak WiFi connection (11Mbit)
No buffering or something else. This domain is on a Free Plan and currently routed through London Heathrow (from Germany). Server Location is Strasbourg (FR). So it goes across Europe. :joy:

Even the video from your page plays flawlessly here.

I’ve sent you two links.

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