Video player problems

For a while now I’ve been having problems with the video player and it seems that the origin is Cloudflare…
With short videos and low resolution everything works fine, you can move in the timeline without problem.
But when playing videos of a few tens of minutes and in FullHD 1080 when you want to jump to a certain moment, the video resets and starts again from scratch.
We have tried excluding Cloudflare and everything is back to normal.
Does anyone know what this problem is due to… have I put something wrong in the setup?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Could you please provide a little more info, something thats usefull to debug?

Is something written in the console log?
Can you reproduce it, record it and provide us with something that shows the issue?
Does it just occur at one video? If yes, what is the link?

now i have put “developer mode” and there is no longer that problem … but of course it is a temporary solution …
I leave a link to download the video.

THX :smile:

Well … beside the content… nope I never encountered that. Someone from the Cloudflare Stream Team (@zaid) should watch into this, not the video… the problem ofc :wink:

Hello, thank you for your time … but i have a free account and don’t have support …
THX :slight_smile:

Cloudflare proxy slows it down
try proxying your website content but stream video URL from a subdomain CNAME that is not under proxy
ex; do not enable Cloudflare proxy for videos CNAME record in DNS
also check your upload limit
use WiFi 6E router for dedicated band on internet to not mix with WiFi 5GHz

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I can’t do that, it’s a paid website… so I would ask for the login twice… mmmm :slight_smile:
THX :slight_smile:

I don’t think they are using Stream.

Can you DM me a link to your video on Stream?

They probably don’t have DM privileges here.

Put the rule without cache at the videos folders :slight_smile:

THX to all :slight_smile: