Video player issues on ipad and safari -1 -1

it seems that this very same issue is happening again. It’s not every time but often enough to make our site unusable. Can someone please help us understand what the issue was then?

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and just to be clear, it’s not that the same site example doesn’t work, it’s that we are seeing the same sporadic -1 -1 issue.

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We are having the same issue. This is really annoying. The experience and performance is not as it used to be, even in Chrome, but more often in Safari on Apple devices.
E.g. sometimes it can be pixelated in the middle of the video and the quality drops. It was not like this before.

We unfortunately had to move to a different player which is very annoying. It’s 100% an issue with the cloudflare iframe player/solution since we have not seen anything else like it with the other players we have tested.

The support wasn’t all that helpful unfortunately as it’s not something we can replicate 100% of the time, and we were unable to provide them access to our internal system where this was occurring.

Really hoping they fix, as I much rather use their player than a 3rd party.