Video Not Playing

I’m having trouble getting this video to play on my site with Cloudflare enabled.

It used to work just fine. Then, mid-September I started having issues with it after I rebooted my VPS one day. Now, as long as I disable Cloudflare integration (which it currently is), the video plays just fine. But as soon as I turn Cloudflare back on and wait a while for the cache to propagate, the video will just sit there spinning.

Would you have any suggestions about how to resolve this issue?


Note that Cloudflare won’t be caching that .mp4 at all by default ( So the request for it would go via its proxy (as that works at the domain level) however it will bypass the cache and be pulled from your VPS each time. Which could explain why it sits there spinning, if your VPS does not serve it back for some reason.

Does your VPS provide any kind of logs to show the request for the .mp4 arriving? Some providers have an admin panel which will let you see error logs in a friendly UI. Or if you are managing the VPS yourself, and are running something like nginx, you could log in to the server and look at the nginx server logs directly. You might see there whether a request for an .mp4 is arriving and succeeding/failing.

Thanks so much for your response. The VPS is managed by DreamHost and is running Apache.

DreamHost support indicates everything is fine on their end. And they pointed me to the “” URL extension that apparently bypasses Cloudflare even when Cloudflare is active on the site. The video also played fine with that URL extension.

I haven’t yet tried completely removing my site from Cloudflare and readding it. But that might be a next step to try to reset whatever’s amiss?

Ah it sounds like if they are providing you with a [name] style URL. In which case, yes, that would not go via Cloudflare at all. Because Cloudflare would not be proxying that [name] However understandably you would want to use your own [domain].com, not that. And so do want to use Cloudflare to proxy that (to prevent attacks, use cache etc).

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about DreamHost I’m afraid so won’t be able to help much why the Cloudflare → DreamHost bit is failing. Hopefully someone from Cloudflare will be able to assist.

Hopefully so. Thanks so much for your thoughts!

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