Video not loadingin safari while using cloudflare


Video not loadingin safari while using cloudflare


Kindly be a bit more specific.

I’ve an idea but I don’t like playing Jeopardy :joy:


I have a video in background on homepage. which was working fine in each and every browser including safari. But then I migrated my website to cloudflare and having and issue with video in safari. Its showing nothing. Just black. The video tag and source is there but the video is not playing.
Please help me out. the website is


Note to others, this site is slightly NSFW.

Right now, I’m getting a LOT of 403 errors, all from when I visit it with Firefox Nightly or Safari.


Let us assume there are lots of issue. But, why the video works when we access after disabling cloudflare?


I’m still wading through the possibilities. Now Chrome is giving me a bunch of 403 errors for the CDN subdomain.

I see the CDN subdomain is using Cloudflare. If you want to take advantage of that CDN, it should bypass Cloudflare. Set it to :grey: in the Cloudflare DNS page. Or don’t use that CDN since Cloudflare will cache those resources for you.

The video may work when bypassing Cloudflare because necessary resources on the CDN aren’t loading.


Assuming that this is done with Java you should play around with the caching and speed stuff.

Disable Autominify, Rocket Loader for example and wait a bit to see if it helps. One after another.

All the 403 errors could cause this issue as well