Video not found for live stream

Hi team,

I am testing RTMP streaming to Cloudflare Streams using Agora.

When creating a live input from the Cloudflare dashboard, and starting the stream with the RTMPS URL and key, I can see the “Input Status” change to connected, however the video player shows “Video not found”.

Doing a similar stream to another destination (e.g. youtube) works successfully.

Unfortunately I can’t find any additional logs/error codes. From Agora, I can see a successful connection to Streams.

Any insight/tips appreciated.


Could you share your input ID or your video ID here? (If not comfortable, please drop me a email at renan AT cloudflare DOT com) - this is likely a bug in the Stream Live code that we can fix.


Hi @renan,

Here is a video ID which shows “Video not found”:

Appreciate you looking into this.

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Hi @renan, just following up to see if you have any update on this?

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No update yet!

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