Video message app?

Would it be possible to use Cloudflare Calls to build a WebRTC app that allows a website visitor to leave a video message that the website owner can view later, possibly saved to R2 as an MP4 file?

That would be useful for a wide variety of purposes.

You could do it yourself without Calls by sending the media stream buffer to a cloudflare worker, via either http, websockets, or webtransport; then having it write it to temporary storage (durable objects or kv), then after the call reassemble the data and store in s3/r2/stream. Alternatively you could just store the whole video on the client, then send to a worker via http, which stores into s3/r2/stream without need for the cache and reassembly steps.

Calls is for realtime communication, which is not video messaging. For recording calls, I’ve made this thread: