Video Hosting

is this Cloudflare stream like Vimeo hosting?
if yes what will cost me for 8000 GB / monthly for bandwidth

Cloudflare cost $78.00/month for 500 GB of HD videos so if you want 8000GB/ monthly bandwidth then it would cost you about $1,248

for info visit here -

Cloudflare Stream isn’t billed based on data transfer - “minutes stored” and “minutes streamed” are used instead.

  • $5 per 1,000 minutes “uploaded”. You only pay for the time uploaded - no matter how many versions it is transcoded into.
  • $1 per 1,000 minutes “watched”. If 100 people each watch 10 minutes, that’s 1,000 minutes total and will cost $1. Or if 5,000 people each watch 2 minutes, that’s 10,000 minutes total and will cost $10.

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