Video has been 'Pending Upload' for 24 hours

I uploaded around 20 small videos yesterday and some are still showing ‘Pending Upload’.

Does anyone know why this is? Looks like I’m going to have to delete all Pending Uploads and re-upload…

Let me know if you know a solution, thanks

Can you please open a ticket via email (support AT cloudflare DOT com) and post the ticket # here? See if you can include some sort of Video ID for the ones that are stuck. @zaid or @renan will probably check it in the morning.

Pending Upload implies you are using Direct Creator Uploads feature of Stream

When you use that feature, you are basically generating a one time upload token that can be used to upload the video without exposing your account API auth info.

When a token is generated, a new placeholder video appears until a video is submitted.

So videos that appear in “pending upload” State means a token was generated for an upload but Stream never received the actually video.


I raised a ticket yesterday - had an automated reply to post on here instead.

Ticket number #2244111

As a slight aside, we use this functionality in our app, and the sheer number of Pending Upload links in the dashboard are pretty annoying. An ability to automatically prune these would be an incredibly useful feature.

Agreed. We’re considering a few options to improve this experience in the Dashboard.

Question: can you share at what point you are calling the Stream API to request a direct creator upload token? Do you trigger a direct creator upload when the user shows an intent to post a video (ie. by tapping a “New Upload” button of some sorts) or when the user has shown intent and selected a video to upload?

The former - we have a content platform that allows users to create different types of content (text, photos, videos,) and we call to request a token as soon as the user selects “video” as the type of content they’re creating.

This results in many more “pending” links than we should probably have, but allows for the upload experience to be faster since we can send the upload link to the user when we render the video upload page, rather than having the user do another ping back to our server after they press “upload” before they can begin.