Video files playback issue

So I’ve been having a problem with my videos with Cloudflare turned on, with it off every video is being played correctly, but with it on this happens:
(link to the vid for reference)

As you can see, I’m trying to skip through the video but I’m being placed back at the current time the video is at, this does NOT happen with Cloudflare turned off so I don’t think it’s something from my host, but from Cloudflare.

A user on Cloudflare Devs Discord pointed out that there are 2 requests done to the video, 2 of them are GET and the second one contains an empty range header “Range: bytes=0-”, and also there is no 206 status code request. It looks like it’s being caused because of this but I have no idea how to fix it.

And lastly, the videos are working fine on Firefox, this only happens on Chromium engine browsers, such as Chrome or Edge, and looks like it’s related to “seeking”.