Video Download with 4K support for OTT


We’re allowing DOWNLOADS for our videos using the API mentioned on

We saw the feature is already rolled out Is there is a way to download videos with cloudflare stream

But it gives us an error of 404 NOT FOUND both via normal CURL and Postman.

Another thing, we generally upload our videos in 4K but turns out they’re in 1080p, any plans for 4K in the future?


Hi there, once you enable a video to be downloadable, it goes into Processing state before the mp4 is available. I can dig deeper into why you are getting an mp4 if you can share a link to the mp4 here or privately (my email is [email protected])

We have plans for 4k support but no ETA at the moment.

The problem is when we do the POST request on the /downloads endpoint as mentioned in the documentation, it just doesn’t work and throws a 404 Not Found error.

curl POST on$ACCOUNT/stream/$VIDEOID/downloads and returns 404

For 4K, I have emailed you since you mentioned can we do anything better than 1080p since its a OTT platform and users are looking for Ultra HD options.


Any updates on this, we want to enable 1080p on our account too with 70 fps.