Video Compression / Reducing Video File Size


We use Cloudflare Stream to host and display videos. Is there an easy way to compress the file size of a video?

Videos uploaded to Stream are converted automatically to several different renditions (i.e. bitrate and resolution), and users will automatically play the best version (and switch between versions) depending on their connection.

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What if we want to download the video for further editing offline? Is there a way to compress the video in Stream and then download?

All videos on Stream are re-compressed already. You can enable an MP4 download option.

Just a note though. Iā€™m not sure what your use case is, but the streams and MP4 download are intended for end-users, not as an intermediate video transport format. The compression is lossy (necessarily and unashamedly so). If you re-edit those videos, visual and audio quality will have already taken a hit, and will take another hit when you re-upload them to be re-compressed again.