Video banner not working on cell phone, but does on desktop

I just switched to Cloudfare, and love the easy SSL padlock.
However, the video banners on my websites no longer works on cell phones.
They do work on the desktop versions.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Please tell me you do have a certificate on your server as well :slight_smile:

Its probably a mixed content issue on your mobile page but without a URL that is impossible to confirm.

Hi, Sandro.
Thanks for the quick response!
I’m not knowledgeable enough to tell you if I have a certificate on my server.
I can tell you this: i) the websites are hosted through GoDaddy; and ii) the only SSL for these sites is what I added this morning by changing the name servers per the Cloudfare instructions.
The websites are:
PublicPolicyBriefs . com and YouWriteFunny . com.
Thanks again!

That would not be good, as that would basically mean your connection is still as insecure as it was before. However, you do seem to have certificates on your server, so if your Cloudflare SSL mode is “Full” you’d be now on a secure connection, which is however still vulnerable to MITM attacks. To address that issue you’d need to configure publicly valid certificates instead and switch to “Full strict”.

As for the video, on which mobile devices does it not work? I just tried it on a desktop Firefox in mobile mode and the video played. Is it possibly iOS devices?

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I’ll look into “full” mode.
When I open the sites on my iPhone in Chrome, the video banners do not work, and are instead just black.
Thanks again very much for your help. I truly appreciate it.

There is a good chance it is related to MP4 Won't Load in Safari Using CloudFlare

I believe someone mentioned some workaround regarding HTTP 2 or something of that sort, I dont remember it anymore to be honest, but I think @sdayman was involved in that conversation.

Uh oh.
I set my sites to “full strict,” and now when I visit the sites, all I get is an error message.
I might just go back to my original name servers.
As for Safari, I use Chrome, so that presumably isn’t the problem.

As long as you havent configured a proper certificate you need to stay on “Full”, hence my remark to configure that certificate and then switch to Strict.

As for the browser, all browsers on iOS are basically Safari. So there is a very good chance this is the actual issue. Can you reproduce the issue on Android too?

I’ve decided that it’s easier just to install certificates manually using I’m giving up on Cloudflare. But I do thank you for your time. You have earned your MVP status! : )

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