[Video] Activated caching, can't log in to wordpress admin

Hi everyone, I created a video about the problem.
I have cloudflare premium and activated the cache and can’t log in to the wordpress admin panel.

I’ve contacted my host who checked everything, deactivated all plugins, restarted the database, etc.
They’re able to log in with my credentials, but I am not.

I’ve cleared cache and cookies, tried it on my phone, another computer, another browser, still can’t log in and get redirected to */wp-login.php each time.

What gives?

Turn on debug mode in WordPress and see what’s the issue, may be some thing is wrong in data base

Wordpress /wp-admin/ not login just refresh - #9 by Chris-49 take a look at this

Can you post the whole query here to insert the data into wp_usermeta table for the admin user. ?

Actually I don’t think this will help, does anyone else have suggestions?

I have turned off cloudflare caching and removed the DNS records and I can get back into my site so it’s definitely cloudflare related.

I found another thread that’s similar and found a fix. I included page rules for /wp-admin to disable security, apps, and performance.

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