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On my Wordpress site ,each time Contact Form 7 sends an email, the sender’s email address isn’t just “[email protected]” but “[email protected] via”. I get the problem both with “Vos coordonnées” and “Devenir professeur” forms. How can I delete the “via” mention next to the sender’s address? I might add it displays on the computer but I do not see it on the phone.

Hi @vincent5,

I don’t think this is anything Cloudflare related. It is something that some email providers (at least Gmail) display to make the origin of a message clear.

Thank you for your answer. It might be. I may have misunderstood what the Avada support told me. Apparently, the issue is linked to the email server and it may be possible to change that. They told me to contact my “hosting support”. Would you have any other idea?

Do you know who is? Do they host your website? If so, yes you could contact them about it.

I have no idea. I’m assuming it’s the partner of Contact Form 7 plugin though.

AFAIK, that plugin sends it’s mail from the web host’s server, not their own. You should probably contact your developer or web host.

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