Very Strange 525 SSL Handshake Fail Error: Only on My Network

So, I know that there are some posts on the same topic. But this one is a bit different.

As you may have already guessed, the problem is 2 of my Cloudflare domains started showing the 525 Handshake error from the past 2 days (or I came to know 2 days ago.)

I am using WordPress. When the error happens while browsing the front end, the 525 error is being displayed. And on the backend, some/most of the resources return the error in the console. But the HTML is rendered.

Note: The error is showing only intermittently. Not permanently. On reload, the page works fine (mostly).

But the strange thing here is that:

  • It is only happening from my network. I tried it from my smartphone/my friend’s PC and it works.
  • It is only happening on two of my domains. The other two works without any problems. All 4 domains have the same configuration. And everything is similar.

Another strange thing is that the 525 error is not only happening on my own domains but also on other sites including this forum itself. So, probably websites powered by Cloudflare.

Error in the log: peer closed connection in SSL handshake (104: Connection reset by peer) while SSL handshaking to upstream

So, I am very confused. Don’t know whether it is a problem from my ISP, Cloudflare, or the websites. So, anyone has any idea?

Not sure whether you are affected by this:

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@erictung… Ummm… Thanks Eric. I think that might be it. My ISP (Railwire) shows IP locations from Chennai… So, if there are no other issues at my end, I guess that’s the problem.

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If you have a VPN, maybe you can “jump” to other locations temporarily to bypass Chennai data center :thinking:

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Yes. I tried that a while ago and it was working. That’s why I thought it might be something on my ISP. So, the incident you just linked might be the problem.

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I’m getting 525 again to many sites . The workaround worked and I was able to access all sites . Now its back to 525 for most cloudflare sites. Ray ID: 65486bcaeef54b04 & 65486c570c515298

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