Very slow with Akamai


Hi !

I’m an user of a french service named and it doesn’t work with
It seems that Molotov uses Akamai, and when I test with activated, the results are very bad (test with this url :

Do you have this problem too ?
Thanks !


Probably the client-subnet EDNS issue. Cloudflare does not support that for privacy reasons and you probably get directed to a default server which has a higher latency for you.

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#6 resolves to the same IP address globally How is Cloudflare’s DNS service impacting the performance?


The entire setup appears to be somewhat peculiar *).

That host does resolve to one single address globally, however a request to that host immediately redirects to a randomly generated CNAME for That host, in turn, appears to be another CNAME for and this where the fun starts,

*) Not only because of the DNS chains but also because of how it uses the randomly generated hosts.