Very Slow Wait Time to Initial Byte only with Cloudflare


Our website is extremely slow to return first byte, but only when going through Cloudflare. Sometimes I’ll sit and watch the website wait without loading anything for 5+ seconds in my browser. Sometimes it appears instantly. When I disable Cloudflare, it always appears instantly.

I followed the help doc “My website is slow or having performance issues”

Origin IP:
This is an economy GoDaddy server. If I manually disable Cloudflare, the page loads are always instant.

With cloudflare:

Without cloudflare:

Traceroute from my Mac:

Traceroute has started…

traceroute: Warning: has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets
 1 (  1.727 ms  1.511 ms  1.063 ms
 2 (  1.925 ms  1.970 ms  2.436 ms
 3 (  4.791 ms  4.694 ms  4.661 ms
 4 (  5.166 ms  5.649 ms  5.915 ms
 5 (  6.649 ms  5.754 ms  5.816 ms
 6 (  5.342 ms  4.857 ms  5.054 ms

I enabled WordPress CDN integration via the WP Fastest Cache plugin:
It had no effect on the results.

It makes no sense that this slow down only occurs when going through Cloudflare. I’d like to go through Cloudflare because it made https:// easy to setup.


It fully loaded in under 3.4 seconds in my browser and that’s 5 seconds faster than your without test.
When I tested it *webpagetest, I got load 2.186s first byte 0.802s

*The site is over 4MB lower that by resizing and compressing the background images, you’ll probably knock 1+ off.


I wonder why you got those load times.

Your choice of browser and location without Cloudflare:

With Cloudflare:

Why does first byte go from 0.25s to 1 (4x). And load time from 7s to 8.4s (+1.4s)? I don’t expect Cloudflare to be slower.


On my PC with cleared cache, and different browser, I just got 800ms and then 9.39sec. Probably GoDaddy. Transfered a lot of Shared hosting accounts from there for the same reason.

and again at a different webpagetest location
First run 1.764s 0.749s
Second run 1.513s 0.862s

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I second @Withheld’s observation about the overall loading time. For me, the site generally loads in both cases, direct and proxied, in about three seconds.

As far as your two tests are concerned, please keep in mind your proxied test ran over HTTPS whereas your direct test used HTTP and it does seem your site itself responds slightly slower on HTTPS.

I also had one direct request which took about six seconds

Some of the resources seem to take quite some time. In this context I’d second @Withheld’s judgement again, that this is probably an issue with Godaddy.

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