Very slow server response time

So basically my site takes a good 10 seconds to load ( I remember having this issue before but cant remember what I did.
I’ve tried page rules with caching and disabling rocket loader but all to no avail.

After disabling proxying, the load times are wayyy faster.
Looking at the waterfall it takes 10 seconds just to get a server response.

Any Ideas?

Also I’ve noticed that the site returns a 403 error code randomly, and when trying just trying to curl the index. But the site still tries to display the content.

Hello, may I ask what ISP are you using when experiencing this problem? Did any visitor (Preferably customers of another ISPs) experienced the same problem?

Are you by any chance from Germany or Hungary?

Based on your description I think this is caused by the weird routing that some ISPs apply for traffic towards websites those are on a Free Cloudflare plan (Just like yours). You can also visit this URL to visit if you are being connected to a Cloudflare node that is very far away: . You need to check the “colo” line, the Cloudflare nodes are named after the airports of the cities where the node is located.

You can read more about it here:

I’m from the US using Optimum Fiber. I’ve never had this issue before with Cloudflare and my site, always worked fine together. It started after I renewed my hosting.

Okay, please still check what server you are being served from when you experience the issue, then check if that city is very far away from you (There is a list of cities of the Cloudflare nodes: Do other visitors also experience this issue in the same times as you? If you don’t have any feedback from them, you could ask some friends to try to open it when you are experiencing this issue.

You could also narrow down the potential cause of the issue by taking a direct URL to a picture when you are constantly experiencing long loading times. Make sure that it’s cached and then try to open it. If it’s cached (You can see it in the headers) and it loads fast, check the rest of your site. If you are still experiencing issues then that means the problem caused by your origin server. If you are still experiencing the issue even with the direct link to the cached picture, then it could be a similar routing issue that I mentioned in my previous reply.

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Located in New York, LI and traffic is being served from Newark which seems to be correct.

Tried the direct url with the same slow result. Really weird. And yes multiple users experience the same issue with different ISPs and locations

Even with no files on the main domain it takes 10 seconds, the subdomain works just fine loads fast with the site on there. What the heck??