Very slow receive time from cache

Hi there

Yesterday we turned on Cache Everything to test the performance of html caching for some of our pages. HTML is correctly being delivered from the cloudflare cache, but the receive time is incredibly slow - 1.69s for 90k of html according to GTmetrix:

Is anyone able to help me work out why that receive time is so slow please? That’s for the Dallas USA server region.

Thank you!


Wow…1.7 seconds for a 90k file in Cloudflare cache is stunningly slow. I’m willing to be that was some sort of glitch and real-world performance is much better. For comparison, if I visit your main page, it took 1.3 seconds to load with a MISS, and on my third try, it was 33ms with a HIT. That’s the same performance I’m getting for the page in question:

Thank you for this!

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