Very slow RDP connection while using WARP


For the last ~48 hours, we have been facing an issue with RDP, upload speeds seem to be extremely slow.
A file that is 9MB takes approximately 4-6 minutes to transfer from machine → server whereas server → machine takes seconds. At the same time, the connection completely freezes while we upload any files.

We can isolate the issue to RDP only, if we download files from the browser (or upload them) we get very good connection results

For clarification, none of the machines experiencing the described error is under a slow network, all of them are under fiber connection of 1Gbit/s or 10Gbit/s

As a final note, sometimes, the transfer speed is just fine and we can work without any problem at all.

Has anybody experienced the same? All of our nodes are running on the latest warp/cloudflared version.

Latency was slow for rdp when I used warp. I don’t know what is the issue

Under Preferences - General, were you routed to the nearest colocation center?

Yeah, always WARP+ with the colo that is closest to my house, the latency overall is great and <3ms.