Very slow one time pin emails

I’ve been using zero trust for over a year now to protect a selfhosted platform, and ever since I’ve been using it the one time pins would either be instant, or, more likely, take from 5 to 10 minutes.

It is a very common occurrence and aren’t isolated incidences due to server outages or the like, simply put zero trust access one time pin emails are systematically very slow and unreliable.

Is there a way to use my own mail servers, or something similar? Are there any plans to address this issue instead of replying to users on the forum with a generic “it looks great to me, I just tested it”, because the issue is clearly systematic.

Maybe the Cloudflare devs don’t see the issue because they don’t have to use it often and it often resolves itself after several minutes. I just think this should be addressed because Cloudflare of all companies shouldn’t have something systematically slow.

Thank you


I have been facing the same issue and didn’t find any solution for it.