Very Slow (10s+) responses

We have site behind Cloudflare. Starting 23.11., we are experiencing very slow responses for images which are not in Cloudflare cache.

  • If there is new request to our server, we are doing some resizing and returning requested image in 10-300ms. (According to nginx access logs). BUT…
  • Browser waits next 10 or more seconds till data is sent!. According to DevTools… Waiting for response is 10 seconds and Content download is 0.49ms.

It started 23.11., it happpens in many different browser, on many different computers, networks, ISP…
It does not happen everytime… but many times to have troubles with it.

Server sends data to Cloudflare…and then something wrong happens…We have basic Cloudflare setup + enabled Cache Reserve.

Any idea how to solve it? Thank you very much!

We had a similar issue a few hours ago. Starting at around 12:00 CET our site speed crashed to where it would barely load anymore. After changing the DNS to not proxy anymore (bypassing cloudflare, the speed issues were resolved). With us it seemed to be coming from the AMS datacenter, was this also the case for you?

I don’t know how to get more information about Cloudflare endpoint… tracert points to IP ‘’. I think the bypassing cloudflare will ‘solve’ the issue, but I will be able to test it tomorrow. I hope it will be fixed automagicaly till then. :slight_smile: @rlogtenberg How to get detailed info about Cloudflare endpoint and processing?.

I use the dr. flare extension, this gives some insight into what cloudflare is doing: Community Tip - Dr.FLARE debug tool for Cloudflare (Chrome Extension)

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On 11/23, we also began having this same issue topolar described. The TTFB for assets that are Cloudflare cache misses is always a few milliseconds longer than 10 seconds (!!!). The issue does not seem to be on our origin server because the issue goes away completely if we activate Development Mode in Cloudflare to send the traffic directly to our origin server.

This is a major major problem - Cloudflare is rendering our site unusable.

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Are you using Cloudflare Cache Reserve or standard caching only?

It’s still broken…and unusable. What can we do?

Details from headers:

Fri, 24 Nov 2023 20:11:15 GMT
Thu, 23 Nov 2023 13:47:31 GMT

New findings here…
Just tried to enable Development Mode to disable caches…
and all responses are in normal!!!

So CLOUDFLARE IS BROKEN!!! at least for US!! Is there anyone who could reach the DEVS and let them KNOW ?

And here is latest finding…I disabled development mode so Cache has been enabled again, and then set “Bypass Cache Reserve”… and 10s lag is away… So it seems We are paying extra money for slowing the site… I’m impressed!

And this is really funny image…

Yes, we use cache reserve and the same thing is still happening. This is extraordinarily frustrating.

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This is an extremely urgent problem that is greatly disrupting the performance of multiple Cloudflare accounts. What can we do to help this get resolved ASAP?

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True… We stopped using and paying for this cache reserve. Maybe they notice oneday… You can try bunnycdn, they have similar service called origin shield.