Very request and 503


Extreme page request, 40 times more request, I see on cloudflare analytics web traffic request in 1 hour. Browser write “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable - cloudflare”. The webserber is not jammed. Cloudflare is a problem in the stage. What can I do? What kind of control do I provide?


A 503 could also come from a JavaScript challenge, however what your described is most likely to come straight from your server.

Whats the domain and can you post a screenshot?




Do you have an idea?


I don’t know what that last set of graphs is supposed to be, but the Total Requests graph has a very abnormal spike at the end. Is this where the 503 happened?

Right now, the site is working. Is there anything in the server logs that point to an attack?


When the visit is intense and important, it attacks. I see there’s a definite attack. Other sites that attack on the server instantly work very normal. Website is normal now. But I think it will repeat again. It gives cloudflare 503 with extreme demand. Because I am using litespeed and do not come from 503 litespeed. Can you tell me where to look at the server and what programs should I use?