Very request and 503


Extreme page request, 40 times more request, I see on cloudflare analytics web traffic request in 1 hour. Browser write “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable - cloudflare”. The webserber is not jammed. Cloudflare is a problem in the stage. What can I do? What kind of control do I provide?


A 503 could also come from a JavaScript challenge, however what your described is most likely to come straight from your server.

Whats the domain and can you post a screenshot?

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Do you have an idea?


I don’t know what that last set of graphs is supposed to be, but the Total Requests graph has a very abnormal spike at the end. Is this where the 503 happened?

Right now, the site is working. Is there anything in the server logs that point to an attack?

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When the visit is intense and important, it attacks. I see there’s a definite attack. Other sites that attack on the server instantly work very normal. Website is normal now. But I think it will repeat again. It gives cloudflare 503 with extreme demand. Because I am using litespeed and do not come from 503 litespeed. Can you tell me where to look at the server and what programs should I use?

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