Very poor performances for Cloudflare Images

I’ve noticing that the performances are not really where they should be.

For example in this image, served by Cloudflare (cache HIT for me),

it takes

  • 571ms for the TTBF (Cloudflare starts to send the image)
  • 400ms to download the 73kb picture

I see 2 problems here:

  • 571ms for Cloudflare to return the cached version of the image seems not performant at all
  • 400ms to download a 73kb pictures ? huh ?

I’m currently using Cloudflare zero trust, but de-activating it gives no changes on the performances;

Am I missing something ? Is this excepted ?
Thanks for your help

Well it keeps happening, >500ms for Cloudflare to answer, and 1.42s to download :confused:

I’ve heard from a few companies having this issue recently.

Can you send a screenshot of from the same network/device which you’re having the slow image asset loading from.

Can you also share one of the links here so I can test from various locations.


Result of the trace is (anonymised IP):

uag=Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/101.0.4951.64 Safari/537.36

You can use this image URL to test:,width=400,height=200,fit=cover/article/main-picture/6273e240dcaa6832236137.png

Not that at the time I’m writing this message, I’m having slow response time again.

No problems for me:

served from “FRA

Can we agree on the fact that it’s not possible that it’s a connexion issue on my side because:

  • speedtest from my side is good if not great (>300Mbs, way more without Cloudflare zero trust)
  • If it was a connexion issue, the TTBF would be really low since it’s the time that take Cloudflare to begin sending the image. I would see 30ms-70ms for a normal TTBF and not more than half a second

Did not see any fact yet, that would completely rule that out.

Since you’re from Lyon and you are getting served from Marseille that should be the closest POP. But may you try to provide us with another picture from:

  1. same domain but different picture
  2. different domain different picture

and see if it is slow there aswell?

@devopslife please turn off the bandwith limitation in your DevConsole (set it to “No throttling”):

Then try again.


@M4rt1n dang ! great catch
That would explain why I started to notice those while working on creating webperf reports. I did change this setting and because I didn’t close chrome on those specific session, the throttling stayed in place.

I was so focus on the TTBF, in my head I was like since it’s SO high, and not related to network, something must be wrong in the other side of the line. (Still surprise though that throttle impacts the TTBF )

Thank you for catching such a silly mistake. <3

Google throttles the connection according to the defined specifications of the “Network Mode” you chose. This also is getting applied on Google PageSpeed Insights benchmarks when testing for mobile.

You can have a more detailed read on this, over here:

  1. Lighthouse throttling: lighthouse throttling
  2. Network modes: technical details

You’re welcome, I am happy we could sort this out and make sure, that Cloudflare is performing as it should!

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