Very old version of website still showing

Hi All.
I am fairly new to this and somewhat lost in trying to fix a problem. I have an old version of my website that keeps showing up. The old version is two months old. I can see the new version on my laptop that I sue for editing but everywhere else the old version is prominent. I believe this problem first started when I switced hosts though my new host (cloudways) tells me they can see no issue on their side.

I see three patterns

  • If i purge everything (Cloudflare, host, browser) and switch Cloudflare to development mode the new version appears but loadtimes are very slow. Old version still loads 50% of times. Turning Cloudflare back on then brings the old version back.

  • The new version half loads but then redirects to the old version.

-The new front page appears sometimes but others pages linked from the menu are the old non-working versions.

I am assuming somewhere there is a cached version of the old site but I do I find where?

I am at a loss as to any protocol to fix this.

My main url is I only have a few pages live at the moment as i work through the problem.

Thanks for any advice.


Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records? All of them. And it’s ok to black out any sensitive information, such as IP addresses.

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